How Coaching Can Help EVERYONE (including you) - Life Coaching By Anna
Anna is a TV Presenter, Journalist and Agony Aunt who has dealt with anxiety and panic disorder, as well as depression and is now helping others. She is a qualified counselor and life coach who uses 'complimentary' therapies to make sure you don't suffer as she did.
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How Coaching Can Help EVERYONE (including you)

16 Sep How Coaching Can Help EVERYONE (including you)


As a life coach and counsellor, I often get asked if I get coached myself? After all, as a trained therapist who specifically deals with anxiety, depressive disorders and general stress, surely there is an information overload?


Well, the answer is yes. It’s great practice for a coach or therapist to have their own coach to offload to, gain some perspective and seek clarity – it’s healthy and a terrific way to cleanse your emotional and mental well being. Like a big breath of fresh air and it never fails to leave me feeling lighter, more focused and raring to go again. After all, I need to be the best coach I can be for you.


So why am I sharing this with you? Well, there’s no better way to explain what coaching does and how it works than to be totally transparent about what the processes are. So many people say tentatively, ‘well, what IS coaching?’ and ‘do I need it?’.


The answer is EVERYONE can benefit from coaching, and that also means YOU. The most successful, powerful and healthiest communicators in the world have coaches. And as I’ve just explained, I have coaching too – it helps me be the best I can be – and afterall, don’t we all deserve a little TLC?


This is what coaching is….taking that time out for YOU to ‘pause’, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, ‘what do I want?’, ‘how do I want to feel’, ‘what needs to happen to make me feel/be how I WANT to feel/be’?


All these answers lie within you. A coach is your personal ‘mirror’ and buddy to help steer you exactly where you want to be – physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s a terrific process and one that never fails to amaze me with the results I see in my fabulous clients from week to week.


Perhaps you’re feeling stressed out to the max with work, maybe you need help sorting a work/life balance, perhaps your relationship is fraught with tension, or maybe you’re just feeling lonely, down in the dumps, anxious and unable to pull yourself out of a rut.


Help is here my friends. Too often I see people who have been suffering for too long on their own, feeling helpless and unsure how to make themselves feel better and their lives more enriched.


If I may be so bold, can you ask you a few questions?


When was the last time you did something just for you?


How often do you celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they may be?


What would you do if you knew that couldn’t fail?


Do you tell yourself how proud you are?


If you’ve struggled answering these questions, or they’ve thrown up any answers that have made you think and reflect for a second or two, firstly well done, and maybe coaching is something that you would benefit from.


We owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be, no one should settle for anything less so give yourself a jolly big pat on the back today, and say ‘well done me’ – after all, you deserve it right!


Sending love and positivity, and you have permission right now to go and do something just for you…so what are you waiting for. Enjoy.


Anna x


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Anna is also available for 121 coaching sessions face to face, via skype and telephone.



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