NEW! Anna's new Online TV Series 'House to Haven' - Life Coaching By Anna
Anna is a TV Presenter, Journalist and Agony Aunt who has dealt with anxiety and panic disorder, as well as depression and is now helping others. She is a qualified counselor and life coach who uses 'complimentary' therapies to make sure you don't suffer as she did.
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NEW! Anna’s new Online TV Series ‘House to Haven’

30 Apr NEW! Anna’s new Online TV Series ‘House to Haven’

Hello there, thanks for stopping by my website.  It’s been a busy few months juggling my Life Coaching business and TV and media work – I’m very grateful for my ‘lot’.

I’ve been really enjoying getting to know some of you and taking on clients who feel they need a little support and boost.  If you or someone you know is feeling a bit low, confused, lacking in motivation, stressed, anxious….then Coaching might be of benefit.

As a fully qualified Performance Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, and Counsellor, I utilise and draw on my skills, together where appropriate, to help each and everyone of my clients realise what’s going on for them, help them address anything, and ultimately change their thought processes, patterns and behaviours for the better.  The change in people I see on a day to day basis is truly fantastic and nothing short of inspirational.

Do get in touch if you’d like a complimentary no obligation chat to see if coaching is for you.

I’ve recently launched my new online series (below), House to Haven which is all about creating the perfect space for you at home to compliment a happy and healthy mind and emotional state.  Do give it a watch and let me know what you think via my twitter @annawilliamsTV or Facebook



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