About Anna - Life Coaching By Anna
Anna is a TV Presenter, Journalist and Agony Aunt who has dealt with anxiety and panic disorder, as well as depression and is now helping others. She is a qualified counselor and life coach who uses 'complimentary' therapies to make sure you don't suffer as she did.
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About Anna

I truly know what it’s like to need a little ‘helping hand’. Over the years I’ve battled with anxiety and panic disorder, and depression. At times it’s been truly tough, and I wondered if I’d ever feel ‘normal’ again. However, through learning about myself, how my mind works, and taking control of my future, I’m now full of positivity and happier than ever.

Oh, and I’m also a TV Presenter, Journalist and Agony Aunt – you may have seen me doing my thing for ITV’s This Morning, Top Sante Magazine or Digital Spy. I was also the last girl standing (and leaping off a 10m diving board) in ITV’s Splash! with Tom Daley, which was my ultimate goal to prove that anxiety wasn’t going to control my life any longer.

So impressed was I with ‘alternative’ talking therapies in my own recovery, I decided to learn all about it and am now a trained Counsellor and Life Coach. I’m also a Childline Counsellor and campaigner for mental health charity, Mind.

If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression or stress, perhaps you’re a teen or young adult struggling under the pressures of life, or maybe you’re a parent trying to juggle it all, I’m here to help.

Through goal focused techniques, learning about yourself and applying different ways of thinking, with my guidance you can be the person you want to be. Remember, I’ve been there, you’re not alone. The time to take control is now.