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Anna is a TV Presenter, Journalist and Agony Aunt who has dealt with anxiety and panic disorder, as well as depression and is now helping others. She is a qualified counselor and life coach who uses 'complimentary' therapies to make sure you don't suffer as she did.
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Feeling Fabulous February

12 Feb Feeling Fabulous February

Feeling tired, lethargic, can’t be bothered, lacking motivation – I hear you my friend!  This time of year, when the days are chilly, and the sunlight with its mood enhancing Vitamin D properties is minimal, we can all naturally feel a little lacklustre and ‘meh’.  Sound familiar?  You’re not alone I can promise you that.

Go for it!

Go for it

It’s how we pick ourselves up, have a think about what we want to achieve, and most importantly how we can achieve it, that matters.

I see a lot of people at this time of the year who perhaps suffer with low mood, or are feeling stagnant in their work or relationship – and it overwhelms me that at the heart of it, so many of us are just not being kind to ourselves.  Those are the key words, kind and ourselves.

Hands up those of you reading this that could be labelled as being all things to all people?  Working like the clappers pulling in overtime just to appease the boss, juggling your children with military planning that would make even Mary Poppins buckle under the pressure, being a good husband or wife…the list is endless.  But where in this shopping list that is your life do you put yourself?  I bet it’s not at the top, in fact I reckon it’s not even close….

Smile :-)

Smile 🙂

This is where it needs to CHANGE.  Take a step back, take a deep breath and just ‘be’ for a moment or two.  Have a think about what you’ve done recently for you.  If you struggle to think of an answer to this, start getting creative and thinking what you CAN do for you – I call it ‘me’ time.

Perhaps it’s a massage, reading the chapter of your favourite book with a cuppa, going for a walk, taking up a yoga class, having a natter on the phone to a friend – whatever it may be it’s so important to love and take care of yourself as much (if not more) than you do everybody else in your life. It stands to reason to that a relaxed, happy you is more likely to create a happier ‘Mummy/Daddy’, ‘colleague’, ‘friend’, ‘partner’.

Have a think about what you can do for you today – and enjoy every moment without a single second of guilt – after all, you deserve it!

If you’d like to get in touch about anything coaching related, or enquire about 121 Life Coaching (with NLP) sessions just fill out the form on this site, or email me at

Sending love and positivity

Anna x







  • Teresa Coe
    Posted at 15:47h, 12 February Reply

    Go for it Anna, you are soo inspiring.
    When I win the lottery you’ll def be my coach x

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